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Buy and Try Boutique Wines from Faisan Estate, Available from Orange Wines Online

When we first got started at Orange Wines Online, our goal was to shine a light on wines produced locally in the Orange region. In particular, we wanted to focus on bringing boutique wines to a larger audience. It’s because of this mission that many of our wines are varieties and vintages that you normally wouldn’t be able to find outside of the cellar door.

Faisan Estate epitomises many of the ideals that we carry at Orange Wines Online. A truly boutique winery, Faisan Estate is a family owned and operated business with a classic appreciation for the art of winemaking. ‘True artists can’t compromise on quality’ reads the Faisan Estate website, and the winery certainly follows that mantra. All Faisan Estate wines are handcrafted by the family and made from grapes that grow on the estate property. There is no mass production or intervention, just a focus on creating the highest quality wines possible.

Buy Faisan Estate Wines Today

At Orange Wines Online, we are lucky enough to stock a few of the boutique wines that Faisan Estate crafts right here in Orange. You can buy these Faisan Estate wines online from our webstore. As you will notice, there are fantastic options available for red and white drinkers alike.

In the red department, we stock Faisan’s Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. The Pinot Noir carries a complex flavour that balances cherries, plums, spice and truffles for a deep, full-bodied drinking experience. You’ll want to drink it with dinner the moment it arrives, but if you can help yourself, it only gets better with age.

The Syrah also grows in complexity and character with age—though, just like the Pinot Noir, it will satisfy no matter when you pop the cork. This velvety wine combines flavours of dark chocolate and fruit for a decadent depth. The Cabernet Sauvignon, meanwhile, offers flavours of cherry, vanilla and tobacco. It’s meant for the cellar even more than the other two, with a 20-year shelf life and plenty of additional character and structure to be discovered along the way.

As you are shopping for Faisan Estate wines online, we’d forgive you for spending all your time looking at the reds. At Orange Wines Online, we can vouch for Faisan Estate and tell you that all three of the reds discussed above are even better than their descriptions. You might consider mixing a case with a few bottles of each—some for drinking now and some for your cellar.

If you prefer whites, we also carry one Faisan Estate white vintage. Like the winery’s reds, the Faisan Estate Chardonnay only gets better with additional cellaring. However, popping a cork now will yield flavours of cashews, apple, figs, grapefruit and other fruits. It’s a dry, well-balanced wine that works perfectly in pre-meal cocktail hour settings.

Mix a Case of Faisan Estate Wines Online

At Orange Wines Online, you can pick out and buy the Faisan Estate wine of your choice. However, with a boutique winery this focused on the art of their craft, you might be better of mixing a whole case of Faisan Estate wines. Trust us: you won’t regret it.